Management Team

Organization structure

Consultancy team

We are pleasure to appoint expertise here as members of our consultancy team. nominate us suitable personalities to achieve national goals.

Existing Team members

Deshamanya Dr Indira Lilamani Ginige

Chief Adviser

Former Deputy Director General,

National Institute of Education











Janaka Kamalgoda

Chief Executive officer of the

South Asian International Institute of Higher Education

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Management Team

President: Ms. Prema Karunarathna –

Former Provincial Director of Education

North Central Province

Vice President : Mr. Shantha Rathna Bandara

Senior Lecturer- Bingiriya colledge of Education

Secretary: Ms. Hemanthi Liyanarathna

Vice Secretary : Kumara Karunarathna

Chief Organizer: Ms. Chandrani Gunasingha

Treasurer: Ms. K.D. Wathsala Prasangani

 Executive Board

TO be appointed.

To all ECCD teachers, Principals and ECCD Officers

Senior management team is trying to find out suitable personalities to appoint as members of the executive board.  he/she should have capability to lead the association to ensure quality early child hood development to every child of the county to achieve the sustainable development aim in 2030.

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