About Us

Our Vision

“be a leading partner in early childhood care and development to Sri Lanka and other south Asian Countries to ensure quality early childhood development for each and ever child to achieve sustainable development goals in 2030.

Our Mission

“Establishing networks and conducting web based discussions, sharing knowledge and best practices upgrade quality of the teaching learning process and enhance quality and professionalism of the teachers and principles of the ECCD centers for quality Early Childhood education in Sri Lanka.”

Our Approach

Human resource should be the key factor to achieve sustainable development goals in Sri Lanka. human capital is the most important resource for the fast growing of the country.

children of the Sri Lanka are very talented. very intelligent. enthusiasm. physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally they are capable to develop any kind of competencies among them. education is the tool to develop competencies of those new bloods.

competencies of the children are developed through the general education, higher education and tertiary and vocational education in the country. challenge of the country is how those children’s creativity can be developed to face the competitiveness,  challengers and uncertainty of their life and society through the education. How the existing education system should be changed focusing those aims.

ensure quality early childhood development is the foundation for excellence of the education.

if the children have gain proper early childhood development it is very easy to develop competencies of the primary education. quality primary education is very essential to give quality junior secondary education to children. competencies of the quality junior secondary education is very important for quality Senior secondary education. competencies of the quality secondary education is very important for higher or tertiary education for the children. Therefore base of the education is quality early childhood education. due to the nature of the current society not only the development of the early childhood care also very important to the early childhood children. They fore early childhood care and development is most critical and important factor of the process of human capital development of the country.

more than the 80% of the Personality of the human being are mould in stage of early childhood stage. not only the personality cognitive skills also structured in early childhood stage in children. therefore every country give the most priority for ECCD sector. even in the sustainable development goals which are focusing all the countries of the world are trying to achieve in 2030 has mention ensure quality ECCD for each and every child for quality education.

That’s way we mention that ECCD teachers are nation builders. quality, professionalism and competencies of the ECCD teachers directly effect for   of the  teaching learning process of the ECCD. Therefore this PA for ECCD aim to develop  quality, professionalism, competencies and networking of the ECCD teachers.

qualified and experienced expertise knowledge, experiences, ideas needed to be share to develop the eccd. grad stories will be helpful to fulfill trainee’s heart to understand the path to be excellency. feeling and emotions need to be share each other to understand pulse of the kids and ECCD teachers. resources should be available to upgrade the competencies. it is needed to use modern platforms like world wide web to  fulfill needs above mentioned and for  better service to the society. therefore www.ulpatha.com was created to fulfill that requirement.